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Tim wrote at 16:20 +1030 on Nov 17, 2009:
 > On Mon, 2009-11-16 at 22:15 -0700, idwsh6b02@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
 > > I'm running F11 and I'd like to run anaconda to install another
 > > instance of F11 to a second (blank) hard drive in my system. I'd like
 > > to do it without rebooting. The second drive is removable.
 > Just to throw some other ideas into the ring, you could clone the
 > installed drive over to the second one.  Though, bear in mind that if
 > you're going to use this second drive to run Fedora on another computer,
 > there may be significant enough hardware differences between this
 > computer and that computer, that you need to do the install on the
 > computer it will run on.  That, or tweak it about.

I specifically do not want the same system I am running with installed
to the second drive, but would like to run through the anaconda
install instead.  For a more complete solution were I mass producing
drives, I might be inclined to do a clone or a kickstart install.

I'm aware of the issue with hardware differences.  The systems
are close enough that they can either be ignored or tweaked

Anyone have any more ideas for actually running anaconda or similar
installer to install fedora to a second drive?

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