Re: using squid as a yum cache

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why you don't create a private fedora mirror ?

Wouldn't he need to download a lot of packages that his machines
won't be using?

Yes, that's why I didn't want to set up mirrors (I would have to mirror fedora, updates, rpmfusion, i686, x86_64, etc, etc...)

Adding the "proxy" line to yum.conf is obvious, as is enlarging the
cache object sizes, but are subtler changes needed? For instance,
does the use of mirror lists cripple the caching, since each client
might request from a different mirror?

Yes.  Set a baseurl of the one true mirror to use.
is a good one many places.

OK, thanks, that's what I thought.

Maybe in the future yum could have a feature to auto-magically query computers on the local subnet for the presence of an already-downloaded package, and then just scp it locally...

- Mike

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