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Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
> I may need to build audacity with the Makefile modified to set
> __WXDEBUG__ .  The natural way to do this would seem to be to invoke
> 	$ rpmbuild -bb SPECS/audacity.spec
> edit the Makefile, and then run something like
> 	$ rpmbuild --short-circuit -bb audacity.spec
> but --short circuit only works for -bc and -bi .

Right, this is to prevent creating packages that are not

> What's the easiest way to do this kind of thing?  Would it be to run
> 	$ rpmbuild --short-circuit -bc audacity.spec
> followed by a make install <somewhere>?  If so, where should the
> 	$ make install
> be invoked?

I'd never recommend running make install as anything other than a
test, and certainly not as root.  If you look just a bit at many
upstream Makefile's, you'd probably be similarly hesitant. :)

What I think you should do is install the SRPM as a normal user (which
rpmbuild in F-10 and above encourage by placing files in ~/rpmbuild by
default, rather than in /usr/src/redhat).  Then, edit the spec file as
needed to set __WXDEBUG__.  You should also bump the release field
(and add a changelog entry).  If the release field is 1%{?dist},
appending a .1 to the end would be customary.

Then rebuild the package with rpmbuild -bb SPECS/audacity.spec (or -ba
if you want to also create a source rpm).

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