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On Wed, 2009-11-11 at 12:37 +0100, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I recently ran "yum update" and encountered a conflict
> with iptstate requiring libnetfilter.conntrack .
> OK, that is simple enough;
> but if I remove iptstate
> I can then re-install it without any problem.

ipstate requires libnetfilter_conntrack
libnetfilter_conntrack does not require ipstate

Removing libnetfilter-conntrack, or upgrading it to a version that does
not satisfy the ipstate dependency, will create a conflict, which is
what you are seeing.

Removing ipstate does not create a conflict because you have nothing
else installed that requires it. Installing ipstate after you removed it
is simply reinstalling the same version ("yum upgrade" was *not* trying
to upgrade ipstate). If there was no conflict before, there isn't one

If you remove ipstate, you would then be able to upgrade
libnetfilter_conntrack. If you then tried to install ipstate you should
see a conflict.

This happens occasionally with updates, either due to mirrors taking
time to sync, or due to human error in creating updates. In either case,
the solution is to just wait a while (for the mirrors to sync, or for
new packages to hit the repositories). 

In this case, the fix is already on its way to the repositories. If you
don't want to wait you can get it here:


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