Re: anyone install android 2.0 sdk on 64-bit fedora?

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Wendell Nichols on 11/09/2009 11:20 AM wrote:
> The problems I had running 64 bit linux:

You're a few years behind.

1. Sun's Java plugin is 64-bit now, but it doesn't matter. Red Hat's
OpenJDK had a 64-bit plugin first and it works 99.9% the same. I believe
it was certified by Sun.
3. Webex runs on my 64-bit server.
4. What? Flash? That's 64-bit. (first on Linux, too)
5. Android is not arch dependent. Where'd you get that notion?
6. Skype plans on a 64-bit binary release, but it is going open source

There is no reason to run only 32-bit kernel/apps/libs on a 64-bit CPU.
Even if you only have 256 megs of RAM.

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