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On 07/11/09 20:28, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> On 11/08/2009 01:58 AM, Andrea wrote:
>> The latest update from rpmfusion of ffmpeg dropped support for libfaac.
>> the changelog mentions it
>> * Thu Oct 22 2009 Dominik Mierzejewski <rpm at> - 0.5-3
>> - dropped workaround for non-standard openjpeg headers location
>> - Add BR dirac vdpau. (kwizart)
>> - Don't build faac by default because it's nonfree. (kwizart)
>> - fixed PowerPC builds (bug 808)
>> Do we have an alternative? What's the point?
>> I see that ffmpeg still supports mp3. I thought it was not free either.
> Common confusion. MP3 decoders are free and open source but patent
> encumbered in some regions and hence included in the "free" repository
> of RPM Fusion
> The non-free repository of RPM Fusion has proprietary (in terms of
> copyright licensing) software packages.
> Rahul

Thanks for the explanation.

I don't know if you "work" in rpmfusion, but unless they add a ffmpeg-nonfree package, it becomes
totally useless, forcing the users (who have already agreed to use nonfree software) to move to yet
an other rpm repository with countless dependency issues.

I hope that recompiling the srpm will not be a week-job, I'm going to try now.

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