Re: Why can't I ugrade Fedora like Centos?

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Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I upgraded from CentOS-5.3 to CentOS-5.4
> (and earlier from CentOS-5.2 to CentOS-5.3)
> just by running "yum update".
> Why can't I upgrade to Fedora-12 like that?
> Is it just that the CentOS makers are cleverer...?

No.  When CentOS-6 is released, a yum update on a CentOS-5 box won't
update you to 6.  You will be able to use yum to update, but it won't
be a supported method, much like with Fedora.  There are folks here
who have updated from Fedora 1 all the way through Fedora 11 using
yum.  It's possible with a little effort, but it's not supported.

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