Re: Is it me or is the list going NUTS? (Old messages are appearing new)

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On 11/07/2009 03:28 AM, Antonio Olivares wrote:
Dear fellow fedora users,

Is it me or is the list going NUTS?, ie., the thread "Should I go 64 bit Fedora" just came in from the Original poster, wheras I have seen many replies already to this thread.  Is something wrong with the dates, I have November 6, 2009 and this thread message was sent November 2.

May I ask what is happenning here?
I post a message and it appears much much later :(,
Did you receive them today, or are they just being marked as "new" even though they have been sent (and received) several days ago?

The latter is one of the ways how thunderbird-3.x (or may-be dovecot, I am not sure who's to blame) corrupts mail folder indices for me. I receive mails, but the are marked/tagged differently some time later.

Very funny, when thunderbird tags just received, fresh/unread mails as "read" or tags very old mails as "unread" ;)


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