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I installed sendmail, dovecot and fetchmail, configured IMAP

1. When I use an email address like info@xxxxxxxxxxx, after creating the user info, all mail is delivered to root After changing the delivery-to => roland, mail for info is delivered to roland.

2. How can I accept mail for info@xxxxxxxxxxx and deliver it to roland and luc?

3. When I send mail, using sendmail, I do not have a folder 'sent' on the IMAP server. I mean, if I send mail via evolution and then go to another computer, which has p.e. Outlook Express, the folder 'sent' is not there. The folder inbox is.

If these question are simple or make you frown and look up to the sky, I apologize. I do not find the right answers with Google or do not understand them.

Thanks for your help

Roland Brouwers

B-2660 Antwerpen

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