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lanas wrote:

  Is there a HOWTO around on how to use an Epson perfection 2480 USB
scanner on Fedora 11 x86_64 ?

  So far sane-find-scanner (run as root) returns two devices:

found USB scanner (vendor=0x146a [Knobloch-GmbH], product=0x0003 [fischertechnik Robo RF Data Link (Knobloch GmbH)]) at libusb:004:002
found USB scanner (vendor=0x04b8 [EPSON],
product=0x0121 [EPSON Scanner])
at libusb:001:002
I hope that the first one does not confuse the system.  It is *not* a scanner.

Then scanimage -L returns:

device `snapscan:libusb:001:002' is a EPSON EPSON Scanner flatbed scanner

And when I try something like:

scanimage -d 'snapscan:libusb:001:002'

It returns:

[snapscan] Cannot open firmware file /usr/share/sane/snapscan/your-firmwarefile.bin.

[snapscan] Edit the firmware file entry in snapscan.conf.

scanimage: open of device snapscan:libusb:001:002 failed: Invalid argument

I have no idea what this is about.

Any help welcomed.

It means it can't find firmware to install, and even if your device doesn't need an upgrade it won't go forward. I found where to install the firmware, but that was years ago (FC6) and I have used iscan since and can't really help. Of ten there is firmware on the CD with the device which you can convert and install, both using stuff I can't remember. At least now you know what's happening, I suspect someone else will give you the details.
Bill Davidsen <[email protected]>
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