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On 11/03/2009 01:31 PM, Donald Russell wrote:
Another system uses FTP to drop files in a directory for me to process.
I have a bash script to process the incoming files. The script is started by cron periodically.
There's a problem if the FTP transfer is still in progress because the
process begins reading the file even though it isn't complete yet.
From a bash script, is there a way to tell if the file is still being
written to?
I was looking at the lsof command, which will tell me if the file is
opened or not, so that's a possibility... but it sure seems awkward
for the task.
I could also configure the ftp server to lock files being written, but
that seems to be discouraged. (based on man vsftpd.conf)
Basically, what I want is something like
Can I get an exclusive read on file x?
No - skip that file, go onto the next one
Yes - start processing that file
(I'm not concerned about the possible race condition there... I have other protections for that)
Thanks for any suggestions...

Perhaps "fuser" might be of use?


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