nautilus-sound-converter in F11

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Hi Everyone,

I have nautilus-sound-converter installed so that I may convert selected
audio files to a different format from within Nautilus. In this case, I
want to convert from flac to mp3.  However, the drop down list box
doesn't let me choose "mp3" as a format to convert to.

If I edit the conversion profiles, I can see "CD Quality, MP3" in the
list.  The profile is enabled, and I have lame installed (which does the
actual conversion).

Does anyone know why the MP3 profile isn't available in the drop down
list?  This used to work very well in F10.



Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu
Linux x86_64 GNU/Linux 
20:29:04 up 9 days, 21:54, 2 users, load average: 0.43, 0.56, 0.48 

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