Re: Phoronix Test suite - like to create an updated package ?

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On 10/29/2009 04:40 AM, Valent Turkovic wrote:
Currently there is a Phoronix Test Suite version 2.2 beta.

Even if it is in "beta" it is much more usable than current version that
is in Fedora repository because the version that is in Fedora repos it so
obsolete that most of test suites even fail to download and because of
that is is not too useful :(
Usually, a maintainer should keep a package at the same version for the life a a fedora release, unless clear fixes to bugs or security problems are found.
Beta releases would typically be put into rawhide (the coming release),
so that they can get extended testing along with other packages that
make up that F release.
There is a RFE request for update one month old but it got no reply from
package maintainer :(
Which quite possibly means they have no time to work on an updated package. Given it is something you use, you could checkout the package source, update it, build it, and test it. Once you have it working, attach the patch to the spec etc to the bug.
If you need help getting started on such a path, please reply here...


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