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Gene Heskett writes:


My truly ancient Epson C82 finally refused to respond to the head cleaning
paddles yesterday, so I went out and got a new Epson NX515 combo scanner & printer.
Problem 2 is that the scanner doesn't even check in as shown above.
According to SANE's database, this scanner is not supported by SANE.

OTOH, I also have an Epson 1250u that works flawlessly, but it would be nice to get rid of one rather high occupancy item here in the coyote.den.
It works because it is supported by SANE.

The current xsane device dialog skips it, going directly to the Epson 1250u, so xsane isn't seeing it, and while I have kooka according to the menu's, it
doesn't come when called.

Has anyone a clue to pass along?
Unfortunately, unless your scanner is supported by SANE, you're boned.

Generally, before buying a scanner or a printer, it is imperative to verify that it's supported by SANE or CUPS.

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