Re: python error with yum on F11

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On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 9:18 AM, steve <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hmm, yeah, that indeed is weird. Note that since the file size is way too small (smaller than the /optimized/ .pyo), i doubt it is even a recompiled file. You may want to either run a rpm -Va or check the filesystem for all files modified on that date (ref, find -mtime), if you really are curious.

If you care only about making yum work, you can of course delete the .pyc, which would cause yum (or any other python script that uses to recreate it the next time subprocess is imported ...tho' you probably knew that already.

I do use python, but I'm new to it.  Your comment about the .pyc being recompiled was a great reminder.  Thank you.

rpm -Va python only flaged that one file.

I did mv it, and then ran yum successfully.

This was all an excellent reminder of how to properly troubleshoot these kinds of problems.
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