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2009/10/18 Antonio M <antonio.montagnani@xxxxxxxxx>:
> 2009/10/18 Antonio M <antonio.montagnani@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> 2009/10/17 Antonio M <antonio.montagnani@xxxxxxxxx>:
>>> I have two boxes, both have UltraVNC and Vinagre (Remote desktop
>>> viewer), exactly the same packages both in F11 fully updated
>>> When I connect from A to B both Vinagre and UltraVNC work, but when I
>>> connect from Ato B UltraVNC works fine but in Vinagre I see the list
>>> of remote desktops, but when I try to connect I get the message
>>> Connection closed: The connection to host B has been closed.
>>> Any idea??
>>> Tnx
>>> --
>> Errata corrige: UltraVNC is to be intended TigerVNC
>> --
> I  note that on one machine I can connect to itself, while on the
> other one I can't connect also to itself...
> The other difference is that the machine where Vinagre cannot connect
> is a F11 updated from previous releases, while where Vinagre is o.k is
> a F11 fresh installation.
> --

and finally I could connect to the other machine by
that is the IP number:port of the machine that I cannot connect to, it
seems that on one machine names:Ipnumber are not resolved
What shall I check now???

Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag
SIP: antoniomontag@xxxxxxxxx

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