Re: Strange behavior with PS1 prompt

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On Sat, Oct 17, 2009 at 11:36, Petrus de Calguarium <kwhiskerz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Donald Russell wrote:
>> Any ideas/suggestions?
> None, except to report the bug.
> I have noticed this problem on and off for years and it
> doesn't have anything to do with the PS1 prompt. Try
> entering nothing on the command line, then use the up
> and down arrows, and eventually your prompt will pick
> up some stuff from a previous command, although, if you
> press the backspace, you will see that the input mark
> is as far left as it can go.

OK, thanks... I really only noticed this after putting newlines etc in
my PS1 prompt, or at least it got more bothersome then.

I'll file a bug against bash...


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