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On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 20:11:09 -0400,
  William Case <billlinux@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I want a encrypted, password protected, container/file into which I can
> store things like some personal data, site passwords, and bank account
> numbers and passwords.  I am not highly secrecy oriented or paranoid so
> I don't want or need something will completely lock down my computer or
> create a new partition.  Instead I want something that will let me have
> a modicum of protection from prying eyes, yet will give me easy access
> to my data when I forget something.  It doesn't have to be large, 1 Mb
> at the very most.  I want an application that will be around for a while
> so that I am not caught without access if the world changes.  That is
> why the idea of it being a bash script is appealing.

For things like this you really need to think about who you are try to
protect the data against and what resources they will have.

Encrypting your file systems is a more transparent way (once you complete
the switch) of protecting your data from prying eyes as login as you don't
leave yourself logged in (against some sophisticated opponents getting
phsyical access with the machine powered up, suspended or having it for
a while and giving it back to you, could also be a problem). This will need a
reinstall to change over your file systems to run on encrypted block devices.
But once that is done, you only need to enter a password once when booting
and not everytime you are using sensitive data.

If you also other users on the computer setting your default protection
of files to not provide read access to others and if possible to make that
change to your home directory.

If you do things this way you don't need to remember to take special actions
each time you edit these files.

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