Re: How do you display cpu temperature?

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Aioanei Rares wrote:

> First of all, maybe he's not usin KDE.

Maybe he's not usin' gnome!? No matter which one he is 
using is not of consequence. When a general question is 
asked or an answer given, gnome answers are always 
presumed correct, while kde answers are treated as 
incorrect or emanating from another planet. Fedora has 
a whole lot of kde users! When the desktop is not 
expressly specified, it is not correct to glibly assume 
gnome ;-)

> Second, if the kernel doesn't know how to read
> temp data from hardware, how do you suppose that
> this wonder plasmoid will?

Point well taken. I never got ksensors to work, but the 
plasmoid works out-of-the-box.

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