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Hi everyone,

I have a weird problem probably very specific to Fedora, hence who better to ask but thte list? ;)
I am trying to compile the latest svn trunk of ROOT[1]. It compiles
without errors and everything seems fine. While using the interactive
CLI (known as CINT, its an _interpreter_ for C++), one of the GUIs
segfaults with an error like this:
Root > Error in <RootX11ErrorHandler>: BadFont (invalid Font parameter) (XID: 54526094, XREQ: 46)
I have reported this to the developers and they haven't been able to
duplicate this problem on their end (on Scientific Linux 4 & 5). Hence
they think this might be something very specific to Fedora. On my system
I have installed everything using yum, so unless there is some
inconsistency somewhere everything should be fine. I haven't seen any
other font problems in any of the apps I use. So kinda stumped how to
troubleshoot this.
This is what one of them had to say about the problem,

That's really weird. It looks like it is connected with the GUI.

Note that the fact something is installed using yum does not makes it
safe. I recently had problem with a package called graphviz. The official
yum version did not work for me. I had to installed it myself. But is the
case the TTF yum install should be good I guess.

(he made the last comment since I had mentioned I have used yum for everything)
Now what would be the packages I should be looking at for this? I tried
`yum search ttf' but that only comes up with fonts. Is there some
package that controls how fonts behave in general? I have heard of
fontconfig and something about ROOT not using fontconfig[2] but I don't
know whether that is relevant here.
This framework is like bread and butter for me, so pointers to where I
should look to get behind all this will be very helpful. Thank you in
advance for any suggestions.
[1] http://root.cern.ch/
[2] This was mentioned in a Review request for ROOT. Look at comment #33 by Nicolas Mailhot in the following bugzilla report.


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