Re: How to obtain wine 1.1.24 or later on Fedora 10

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Il giorno mar, 06/10/2009 alle 08.43 -0300, Itamar Reis Peixoto ha
> you need to install all devel packages required to build wine
> the other option is to upgrade for F11 or F12
> I am using F12 and it's working very well.
rpm are done.
Now, yum localinstall *.rpm says that 
wine-core-1.1.29-3.fc13.i386 from /wine-core-1.1.29-3.fc13.i386 has
depsolving problems
  --> Missing Dependency: libXrender(x86-32) is needed by package
wine-core-1.1.29-3.fc13.i386 (/wine-core-1.1.29-3.fc13.i386)

but libXrender is installed
I can try to disable dependency check, but I think it was better to
solve also this problem

Can you help me?

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