Re: Viewing answers to one's nntp posts in Thunderbird

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As a fallback how about just sorting on a field - From or whatever? And have you tried Pan?

On 10/03/2009 02:55 PM, gilpel@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
gilpel@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Is it possible to only view answers to one's usenet posts in
and those of a few other posters, if possible.

Is it possible with any other newsgroup reader?

Seamonkey allows marking a thread as "watched" and viewing only "watched
threads with unread posts" for nntp

The problem is the thread sometimes has hundreds of posts and you might
have 10. They're hard to find. Of course, you may make a search on your
name, click one post and see if you have any answer. And so on for each
and every of your posts, but it's rather painful, mainly that you might
also want to check the answers another poster receives.

Thanks for your answer!


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