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On Sunday 27 September 2009 22:42:55 Gene Heskett wrote:
> Greetings;
> I have one rather exasperating function I wish I could either turn off, or
> relocate.
> It's in kmail, the little "helpful" (not) gizmo that pops up if you leave
>  the mouse sitting on an icon.  It is useful for some things, but I have
>  kmail setup with the message list pane left of the message pane, which
>  puts the messages panes subject line not too far below the icons along the
>  top of the main window.
> And when it pops up, it takes about a minute for it to go way, during which
> time the messages subject line is hidden.  Having to move the mouse to a
> clear place when I want to switch to the + key, and back again tends to
> aggravate my arthritis.
> Can this be relocated to a point above the icon, or can the display timeout
> be set down to maybe 2 seconds?  If so, what file do I edit to accomplish
> this?
I have had a reply from a developer.  It seems that this is standard toolbar 
behaviour, and not part of kmail.  It probably can't be changed.


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