Re: gedit follows me around like a bad penny

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Rahul Sundaram wrote:
On 10/01/2009 06:08 AM, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
I just built a new FC10 system. When I open gedit, it always stays in
the current workspace.  No matter what method I use to switch
workspaces, and if it is the forground task or back a few, it moves with

Very annoying.

I did have this once before on another FC10 system but I did not figure
out what I did to get it to stop.

So how do I stop this bad behavior?
Select gedit. Click on the title and unselect "Always visible on current
Thanks all! This was it.

 You must have accidentally enabled it. Happens.
No. This is how it worked 'out of the box'.

Now it IS possible that the first time I ran it was from a terminal window:

gedit file &

Rather from Applications>Accessories>Text Editor

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