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Jay Mistry wrote:
On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 10:25 PM, Robert Moskowitz <[email protected]> wrote:
in Gnome.

The gnome system monitor can itself eat up 25% of one of my CPUs.

So what are the alternatives to seeing CPU usage?

Other options are:

- You can add h/w monitoring applets to your panel(s) [Image 1].
- gdesklets:

PS -
GNOME System Monitor _should not_ consume that much of CPU usage, what
CPU & how much RAM do you have ?
512Mb and a 900Mhz Pentium III on one system.
1024Mb and a VIA EPIA-1000 on another system.

One my HP nc2400 duo core with 2Gb mem it only eats 5-9% of one CPU.

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