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On Monday 28 September 2009 09:36:24 g wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > For a quick and dirty web page edit, such as adding a single date to a
> > club calendar, I like seamonkey composer.  At the moment I have to open
> > the web browser then change to composer, which seems silly.  I've added
> > the relevant command to the manu.  Can anyone tell me how to add composer
> > to the krunner, or will it appear when I've called it a few times? 
> > Thanks
> 'seamonkey --help' ??
Nope.  This is more of a problem of understanding where krunner gets its info.  
I know that when desktop search gets fully implemented it will be picked up, 
and maybe it will even now, if I wait a bit.  The actual command to run it is 
'seamonkey-bin -edit' and I can do that in krunner, but it hasn't yet got the 
capability of offering me that command in completion mode.

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