I can't connect via ssh

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Hi list:

I need to use ssh to transfer data between a PC and a notebook, both
with Fedora 11, but the result is, from notebook to PC:

$ ssh xx.xx.xx.xx
ssh: connect to host xx.xx.xx.xx port 22: No route to host

$ ping xx.xx.xx.xx
>From xx.xx.xx.xx icmp_seq=11 Destination Host Unreachable 
>From xx.xx.xx.xx icmp_seq=12 Destination Host Unreachable
>From xx.xx.xx.xx icmp_seq=13 Destination Host Unreachable

>From PC to notebook there is no response.
Please can anybody help me?


Germán A. Racca
National Institute for Space Research (INPE)
São José dos Campos - SP - Brasil

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