Re: Intel video driver 2.8.1 is available; when in repository?

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On 09/22/2009 07:10 PM, Rob wrote:
> Hi,
> On August 25th a new release 2.8.1 of the intel video driver became availalble:
> The current one (2.7.0) is suffering from too many bugs.
> Is there any plan to make the new release available in the
> yum reporsitory of Fedora 11?
> Thanks,
> Rob.

Well, but maybe the majority of the computers run fine with the 2.7.0,
so maybe thats the reason to not make a upgrade to the 2.8.1 in the
release of Fedora 11.

by example I have two computers:

one have problems with the 2.7.0 version

the other have none but the second one a is netbook and don't have a
uptime longer of two days, I was shut down or restarting after one or
two days so maybe is the reason to not trigger the freeze bugs in the

but the problems in the first computer make me to compile the 2.8.1
version but the graphics chipset a  intel G33 hit a bug in mesa too, so
my intel driver is compiled against mesa 7.5.1 not the 7.6 version in Fedora

and my machine  don't have any freezes anymore, but I only have the
Desktop Effects in KDE enabled I don't use any opengl apps regularly,
but the machine have 5 or 6 days without ill effects, I reboot them
weekly to apply stock fedora updates

but if the driver works well in my machines don't mean which in all
machines will works well too.

and rebuilding the intel driver to version 2.8.1 is easy if you have the
Development environment from Fedora 11. do you have it installed?


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