Re: floppy disk formatting: how to?

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Hiisi wrote:
> Dear list!
> I wanted to use floppy disk for bios updating on my ancient desktop
> running F11. Hence, I added this line to the end of /etc/fstab:
> /dev/floppy		/media/floppy		auto	ro,user,noauto	0 0
> Now I can mount floppy using 'mount /media/floppy'.
> I was trying to format the disk using 'floppy'. It detects the drive:
> floppy -p
> floppy 0.16 Copyright 2001-2006, Double Precision, Inc.
> floppy    /dev/fd0: 3.5" HD
> If I try 'floppy /dev/fd0' the output is:
> floppy 0.16 Copyright 2001-2006, Double Precision, Inc.
> floppy: device /dev/fd0 not found in /etc/floppy
> I was unable to find that /etc/floppy file. There's no one with that
> name. How can I format floppy?
> Thanks in advance!
man floppy
pinfo floppy

You can create the /etc/floppy file by running, as root this
command: floppy --createrc > /etc/floppy

You should then be able to run something like:
floppy --format A:


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