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After I updated yesterday (about 500 M worth), 2 things have broken:

When using facebook with firefox, several of the icon/button thingies at the bottom of the window (facebook icons, not firefox) no longer contain a visible icon. If I mouse over where they should be, the label (Photos, Groups, Events, etc.) does appear above them and the button space changes color. Clicking in them does function correctly. That's on the lower left side of the facebook page.
On the right side, there is are chat and notifications "buttons". The
chat button is completely non-functional and the notification button
will only take me to the full notifications page, not to the pop-up that
used to be there (which had a button to take you to the full page). One
other thing: The chat button is showing me Offline, but I can open
facebook with konquerer and go online then close konquerer and refresh
the page in firefox and it shows me online with the number of friends
that are also online, but I still cannot access the chat popup to either
chat or go offline (and of course reversing the process using konquerer
works to go offline).
I have keepcache=1 in my yum.conf file, so I was able to revert the
firefox/xulrunner/yelp updates back to the previous (functioning)
version with 'sudo rpm -U --oldpackage
xulrunner-devel- yelp-2.26.0-6.fc11.x86_64.rpm'
to no avail. So it's not firefox. And I haven't a clue what else could
be causing it. Anyone got any hints?

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