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On Wed, 16 Sep 2009 16:21:15 +0400
Hiisi wrote:

> Why you did so? Was it really necessary to activate window$ if you
> only wanted to see that everything is in order?

That was the easiest way to give it a quick test.  If there was a problem I
could have returned it and exchanged it for another one without going through
a big song and dance.

> Why you didn't convert those useless window$ into cash? 

The aforementioned big song and dance.  It wouldn't be worth the hassle and
argument.  I bought it as it came and made it into what I really wanted, so
that was sufficient for me.

If there was a clear procedure to follow (Send in form X and we will mail you a
refund) then I would have followed that.  But there isn't.

I have never been completely sure if MS Windows actually raises the cost of
a computer anyway -- the companies pre-install a bunch of junkware and
advertising that may (or may not) cover the cost of the Windows license.  If
that is indeed the case then a computer without a Windows license may
legitimately cost the same amount or more than the same computer with a Windows
license due to the lack of subsidy from the bundled advertising.

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