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2009/9/14 William Case <[email protected]>:
> Hi;
> Does anyone know how to get RhythmBox started from a command line in a
> launcher?
> I would like to put a Gnome launcher on my desktop or panel that
> launches RhythmBox gui but with the Radio source and my favourite Radio
> Station selected i.e already included in the launch command line.
> I have searched yelp and the Internet; I can't seem to find a way to do
> this yet it seems such an obvious request.  Anything that does exist is
> about hacks for the rhythmbox-client.

[[email protected] ~]$ cat /usr/share/applications/rhythmbox.desktop | grep Exec
Exec=rhythmbox %U

%U is a URI - so could you not give it the URI of your favourite radio
station? (or am I missing the point)


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