Re: Guess who's right behind Ubuntu at Distrowatch

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2009/9/12 Rahul Sundaram <[email protected]>:
> On 09/13/2009 03:17 AM, suvayu ali wrote:
>> Does it use rpm as the back end? I thought synaptic is an exclusively
>> dpkg/apt-get front end.
> It uses apt-rpm in Fedora.

Forgive my ignorance here Rahul, but does that mean apt-rpm does what
yum would do? Would it work with the usual set of the repositories for
fedora? And if I use synaptic do I still get to use yum on the command

I also came across the home page for apt-rpm[1], it seems the project
has been abandoned. An article on wikipedia[2] says the lead developer
has moved on to develop smart, which he considers as the successor to


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