Fedora 11 liveCD on GCTP - getting better but WTF is /dev/loopX ?

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I'm happy to say I'm progressing with booting Fedora 11 XFE LiveCD (i386) re-spin on the Gateway Touchpad internet appliance.

What I did thanks to the suggestion of Jim <[email protected]> was adding "nomodeset" (unquoted) to the boot parameters and this seems to get rid of the initial delay.

I also removed "quiet" so I could see what was going on and added NOAPIC and ACPI=off

The problem I'm having now is that is stays about 1 minute and a half idle after "starting udev: /min/mknod: ' /dev/loop0' : File exists
/bin/mknod: ' /dev/loop1' : File exists
/bin/mknod: ' /dev/loop2' : File exists
/bin/mknod: ' /dev/loop3' : File exists
/bin/mknod: ' /dev/loop4' : File exists
/bin/mknod: ' /dev/loop5' : File exists
/bin/mknod: ' /dev/loop6' : File exists
/bin/mknod: ' /dev/loop7' : File exists

HERE is where it sits idle for about 1 minute and a half...

Then it suddenly wakes up and continues....

Setting hostname localhost.locadomain: [OK]

What is it doing at that point?.

Suffice to say that a 2.4 kernel based LindowsOS 4.0 (the OS I had on this system until now) boots in a fraction of the time...


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