Guess who's right behind Ubuntu at Distrowatch

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Of course Distrowatch's stats don't mean much: it's only how many click a
distro received. But I doubt that Fedora users, contrary to Ubuntu's users
maybe, go to Distrowatch only to give the counter a ride.

Here are the figures:

1  	Ubuntu          2003>
2 	Fedora 	        1605>
3 	Mint 	        1226<
4 	openSUSE 	1171>
5 	Slackware 	940>
6 	Debian 	        926>
7 	Mandriva 	913>
8 	PCLinuxOS 	822<
9 	Arch 	        767<
10 	Puppy 	        713>

Not bad for a so-called bleeding-edge expert-only distro!

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