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2009/9/10  <[email protected]>:
> As I explained here:
> a sleuth of icons have disappered from my top panel, but it seems the
> problem is only with the icons: the applications still work.
> For instance, I recently received a message at the bottom of the screen
> saying updates were available. I clicked "install" and everything
> apparently installed correctly. The problem is I don't have the update
> icon in the panel and I can't check which updates are available before
> they install.
> Same for Klipper. If I press CTRL + ALT + V, the content appears, but
> there's no icon to do so. Same for the new CUPS icon thaT checks for the
> printer, and so on.
> Of course, all icons have disappeared from the "Add to panel" menu.
> Anybody knows of some way to reinstall the icons?

It sounds like you have lost your System Tray / Notification Area, not
the icons.

I don't know how to add it back to the KDE Panel, in Gnome it is right
click on Panel, choose Add to Panel -> Notification Area.


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