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On 09/09/09 17:09, Arthur Meeks Meeks wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm creating an expect script to:
> telnet router
> execute command
> exit
> This seems to be quite easy when you have 1 router, the problem is I
> have a list of 40 routers, so I thought about creating a expect script
> but I have gotten some problems.
> The first one to include all the machines?
> I thought about something like: for d in $(cat router_list); do
> expect_script $d;done
> And if that worked, the script would take $d and do:
> telnet $d
> execute my command
> exit
> But I don't know how to accomplish that as the script and the "expect
> --exact" output are different, one per router, basically because:
> expect -exact "telnet router23\r
> Trying\r
> Connected to router23.test.\r
> Changes in all the routers, I have tried to delete that whole paragraph
> so it only expects "Login", but it doesn't work.
> And to include the script in the "for" loop?.
> Any idea will be appreciated.

Try something like this:

cat <<EOF >> telnet.exp
#!/usr/bin/expectk -f

spawn telnet $argv
expect "Username:"
exp_send "myusername\r"
expect "Password:"
exp_send "mypassword\r"
expect -re "(.*)#"
exp_send "sh run\r"
sleep 0.1
exp_send " "
sleep 0.1
exp_send " "
expect -re "(.*)#"
exp_send "exit\r"

for hostname in `cat list-of-routers`;do expect telnet.exp $hostname|tee


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