Installed a new Motherboard and can't get one of the network sockets to work.

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I've just replaced by amd 2400+ system with an intel core 2duo and
gigabyte ga-x48-ds4 motherboard. One of the network sockets on the
device doesn't work, even though both are enabled in the bios

The gui network app shows it, but it can't be activated, although it
does pick up a unique mac address. It doesn't show up in ifconfig and if
I try and click on hte network connection applet I get a

SIOCGIFFLAGS error: No Such Device

If I try Ifup

cannot find device "eth0"
Error for wireless req "set Encode " (8B2A)
	set failed on device eth0; no such device

Cannot find device eth0
Failed to bring up eth0

I'll try it with my knoppix usb stick later, but any ideas would be
gratefully received. Both sockets use the same realtek chipset.


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