Re: Can we have different desktop backgrounds for different workspaces

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On 09/06/2009 04:15 PM, Bruce Korb wrote:
Thank you for your help!! But, I'm still stuck with one wall paper for 12 desk tops.
The new behavior is only available in KDE 4.3.x, if I'm not mistaken, so first check if you have that. If so, then click on the "desktop cashew", which you've now found, and zoom out. You should get a menu somewhere, after the zoom out occurs. In my case, it's upper left and has five options: Lock Widgets, Shortcut Settings, Add Activity, Zoom Out, and Configure Plasma. Choose Configure Plasma. This gives you two options: "Different Activity..." and "Use a separate dashboard". Click the first one, hit OK. You should now have the ability to set different wallpapers for each of your desktop. I recommend that you log out and log back in first.

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