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I've replaced F-10 on this computer with F-11 using the Omega live cd
and so far everything seems perfect for the stuff that I use. One of the
easiest Linux installs yet! And a lot of bandwidth was saved in doing
the updates! That's an important factor with the limited bandwidth usage
allocated by my ISP.
The version of Thunderbird provided however is not compatible with the
"config date" add-on which I want in order to display 24 hour local
times for both the sender and myself. The patch is not available for
this version. What to do? It appears that I need to replace with version
2.-something. Is there something I am missing here, am I unique in
needing 24 hour time displayed?
       [[email protected] ~]$ yum whatprovides */thunderbird
       thunderbird-3.0-2.6.b3.fc11.i586 : Mozilla Thunderbird
       mail/newsgroup client
       Repo        : installed
       Matched from:
       Filename    : /usr/lib/thunderbird-3.0b3/thunderbird
       Filename    : /usr/bin/thunderbird

       [[email protected] ~]$ yum whatprovides */thunderbird-2.*
       Loaded plugins: presto, refresh-packagekit
       No Matches found

Any suggestions?


This should be in "plain text" if I have the configuration set right.

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