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On 09/02/2009 11:26 PM, john wendel wrote:
I'm happily using LXDE on my F11 system, and I thought I'd remove
Gnome, using "yum remove gnome\*".

Well, it was not to be. Yum decide to remove parts of LXDE, Firefox,
Thunderbird, Java, abiword, most of the "system" admin utilities, and
about 50 other programs that I would think have nothing to do with Gnome.

That's going to remove a whole ton of stuff. I don't find it terribly surprising that it ends up removing firefox. In any event, the reason firefox gets removed is it depends upon xulrunner, which depends upon gnome-vfs2. (I found this out using "yum deplist ...".) Why exactly we have that dependency, I do not know. I'll guess that the same is true for Thunderbird. And isn't abiword specifically a wp for Gnome?
The system-* packages often depend upon gnome-python2-gnomekeyring. This
is not surprising. These are Fedora programs, and Fedora is, and long
has been, a Gnome-centric distribution. Those of us who use it with KDE
or some other desktop/wm have to live with that.
Am I stupid or what? Why would Fedora's Firefox have a Gnome
dependency when I'm sure that the Mozilla version doesn't? Are these
"real" dependencies or packaging artifacts?

The Mozilla version is probably statically compiled, for one thing.


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