FC11 - KVM based VM become halt after heavy rsync

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>> Any one facing same problem?..

>You don't say quite what you're doing, but if you are just copying the

>data (that is, there isn't a destination that is nearly the same), you

>might not need to use rsync at all, but some other file copy utility

>instead, such as scp (slow but secure and reliable). Umm, when I want

>to copy a few GiB from a VM to the host, I now shut down the VM and

>mount its root locally, and do a normal copy.

yes i am doing also doing --delete and --exclude some directories from a list. Here is command i am using

rsync -e ssh -l bkp-user -avR --delete --exclude-from=${EXCLUDES}

@Tony as i mentioned earlier, i am using my host VM for heavy REMOTE backups
so I cant shutdown/mount any of my REMOTE live box to take backup.

I have taken very big backups in past on xen based VM's.
Chocking Network due to heavy rsync is something amazing for me.

Any other solution will be appreciated.

Regards, Mateen

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