Re: Removing one drive from a RAID 1 setup?

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Mick wrote:
--- On Tue, 8/25/09, Bruno Wolff III <[email protected]> wrote:
  Philip Rhoades <[email protected]>
> If I remove this drive, is it straightforward to
continue using the
> remaining drive (sdd) with it's normal ext3 partition
and the data still
> intact?

It might mess up grub. But otherwise it should work.

I kind of did this.

I installed F11 to a raid-1 two sata drives.
I could not get it to boot, it wanted a BIOS ID.
My BIOS (MSI K9A2) lets me boot from raid, but it does not show up in the first
The one with IDE/SATA drives shown.

Anyway I went into the BIOS and deleted the raid array.
When I tried to install F11 the drives were NOT detected by anaconda.

It seems that there are "ghost" dm partitions on them.
Anaconda sees them and dies.

I was able to install F10 and Mint, as well as XPx64, but not F11 or F12-alpha.

Apparently this is a known bug in anaconda.

So you may be able to fix up your drive and boot it, you most likely will not
be able to install to it.

Mick M.

Sorry, I should have made it clear sdc & sdd RAID 1 drives are mounted on /home, the MBR etc is on sda (/) - but all the extra info was interesting/useful anyway!

Philip Rhoades

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Sydney NSW	2001
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