Re: Broken downloads of FC11-x86_64 and other disturbances

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[email protected] wrote:
> Hi all,
> first time poster here.
> I've been trying to download the DVD-ISO of FC11-x86_64 from diff.
> mirors at least 3 or 4 times in tha last days, and each time the file
> seems to be corrupt. md5sum doesn't match, and if I try to install
> anyway it fails, of course.
> So I downloaded the Live CD, and upon boot I get a 'Kernel panic -
> vfs not syncing' or so.
> I'm using a multiboot env., AMD X2 7750BE, ASRock AOD790GX/128 MB,
> ATI HD4650, 4 GB OCR DDR2/PC1066 RAM, 5 SATA II HDD's.
> Win XP Pro on sda1, AV-Linux (Multimedia distro) on sda2, and I'd like
> to install FC11 on sda3. It doesn't matter if I download the files to
> an ext3 partition or to a NTFS one. I even tried a net-install image,
> since I have a 16 MBit/s downstream line. Still no luck, again a
> kernel panic message.
> I don't know what to try further, FC10 downloaded and installed just
> fine.
> Should I dist-upgrade from FC10 maybe?
> Please give me some advice if you can, and be gentle to me, I'm a rel.
> *nix/FC noob.
I think you are making the mistake of checking using "md5sum" when you
should be using "sha1sum".

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