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On 08/24/2009 11:01 AM, pete b. wrote:
> 1. Does the Firewall Configuration Tool modify a file? Which one?


it's pretty easy to edit that file and copy/paste the port 22 rule to
whatever port you need.  Then:

  service iptables restart

> 2. Can I change the sshd port number via the Firewall Configuration
> Tool? NB, can
> someone specify all the instructions for this, when I tried it I was
> unable to select a
> service.

You would probably have to add a custom port of 8888 and allow it in the
firewall tool.  The firewall is just allowing connections to certain
ports.  What is running on those ports is a separate matter, so you need
to modify both the ssh port in sshd_config and allow that new port in
from the firewall.

There are other techniques, such as rate limiting, port knocking, source
address restrictions, log tailing, etc., that might be other ways to
solve ssh daemon abuse.


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