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On 08/23/2009 08:45 PM, Steve Blackwell wrote:
> Anybody know how I can contact the epiphany Fedora package maintainer?
> Googling led me to believe that it was <[email protected]> but an
> e-mail to that address was rejected.
> Reason:    5.2.1 <[email protected]>... Mailbox disabled for this
> recipient
> In case whoever it is hangs out on this list, I want to know if there
> are plans to release a 2.27.x version of epiphany for F10. The epiphany
> developers say that there will be no more bug fixes for anything
> earlier than 2.27.x because the gecko based back end has been
> replaced with a Webkit based back end. Since F10 is still a
> supported version I think that there should be a 2.27.x version
> available and hopefully the bug I reported has been fixed.

2.27 is a unstable version/ development branch of 2.28. Since it
requires a much newer version of several dependencies, it has no chance
of being pushed as an update to Fedora 10.


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