Anaconda problem with sata drives

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  I have an MSI K9A2 rev 1 motherboard latest BIOS, with Athlon 64x2.
This has 4 sata connectors for "normal drives" and two for raid.

I have run win Xpx64, Fedora 9/10 and now 11 on this box just fine.

Right now it is running F11 on a sata drive with Xp64 under VirtualBox.

OK so Newegg had a sale on Samsung sata drives so I bought 2.
I planned to use the raid connectors and run F11 on them.

I installed the drives and created a raid 1 in the BIOS.
Then I installed F11 with updates onto it.

It would not boot.
I selected it in the BIOS as first boot, but grub wanted a BIOS disk ID.
When the system boots the raid is not shown in the sata/ide first screen.

I fought it for a long time and even re-installed.
Finally I gave up.
I went into the BIOS and cleared the raid so it was JBOD.
Then I put the drives onto the "normal" sata connectors and disabled the raid sata.

I was able to fdisk and format both drives just fine.
One as data and one for F11 /boot ext3 swap / as ext4.

When I try to insstall F11 it cannot see the drive,at the partioning screen.

I get an OK  box:
"An error has occurred - no valid devices were found on which to create new file systems.
Please check your hardware for the cause of this problem"

I then installed Mint linux, and F10 to the drive just fine
F11 refuses to install.

I tried "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda" with no change.

While the installer is hanging I can Ctl-Alt-F2 and "fdisk -l"
It sees the drive just fine, Ctl-Alt-F^ to the installer and it dies.

I have re-installed my working sata drive to post this.
Right now I am downloading Fedoro-12 Alpha x64 to see if that will work.

Any ideas?

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