Kdump doesn't create dump for NMI releated kernel crashes

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I am debugging the madwifi wireless driver for which I installed the Kdump/Kexec utility. The dump (vmcore) is created for kernel panics which occur due to the driver (The driver code has assert() functions which call BUG() to panic the kernel)
However sometimes when the driver module is reset or loaded, the following error is displayed on the console ( also in /var/log/messages) after which the machine goes for a freeze. 

Aug 16 11:52:37 localhost kernel: Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason b0 on CPU 0.
Aug 16 11:52:37 localhost kernel: You have some hardware problem, likely on the PCI bus.
Aug 16 11:52:37 localhost kernel: Dazed and confused, but trying to continue

In this case, the machine doesn't boot into the secondary kernel (crash kernel) to create the dump - It just stays in the freeze state. Why so? How can I debug such scenarios where Kdump fails. 

I am using Linux vanilla kernel on fedora 9. Both main and secondary kernel have this version of kernel.
I am pretty new to kernel debugging, please advice me how I can avoid or debug this kernel oops.

NC State University
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