Re: HDA Intel sound card problem

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On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 10:57 AM, dariusz rojewski <[email protected]> wrote:
2009/8/16 William Case <[email protected]>
Hi Darekr;

Be warned, I am usually reluctant to post technical responses on this
list because I am new at it.  However ...

I seem to have the same problem.  If you are relying on analog sound (or
the cx23885 sound driver) from a TV tuner card or through RhythmBox, it
is broken.  There are several different bugs filed relating to this

I got sound using mplayer which (as it was explained to me) directly
interprets the digital signal.


i tried to play via mplayer and i don't hear anything :) hmm.. but i noticed it plays with headphones. Uhhm.. :] it works under other distributions, so the solution must exist... :) thx

What do you see using pavucontrol? Are the sliders moving while playing anything?

Paulo Roma Cavalcanti
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