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Paul W. Frields wrote:
On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 01:34:44AM -0400, Mail Llists wrote:
  If I have connected once to a wifi network - and that was an auto
found connection - I can edit it and choose to not connect automatically.

  For a an auto found connection which I cannot and/or dont want to ever
connect to automatically - i cannot unelect 'connect automatically' and
save. The save/apply button is grayed out - and presumably will remain
so until I have connected.

  But I cannot and dont want to connect - and I dont want to keep
getting prompted for passhprase - its a rogue connection.

   How do I stop nn/nm-applet from doing this ?

   In fact I would like the default behaviour (for security if nothing
else) to NEVER connect automatically to anything unless I tell it to -
how can I do that ?

I believe you can remove the "Auto" from the beginning of the
connection's name to prevent this behavior.  That stops NetworkManager
from trying to automatically connect to that network in the future.
If you don't ever want to connect automatically to anything, you're
clearly outside of NetworkManager's use case and might want to
consider having NM not manage that interface, which you can do by
using system-config-network and turning off NM management on a
particular interface, or by setting "NM_CONTROLLED=no" in
Gee, on mine, I...

	Right-click on the NM icon in the toolbar
	Click on "Edit Connections"
	Click on the appropriate tab (Wireless, etc.)
	Click on a network, then click "Edit"

In that edit window, there's a little checkbox marked "Connect automatically". Just uncheck it and click "Apply".
Works for me.
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